Google Wants You to Live 170 Years

Along the lines of self-driving cars and smart glasses, Google‘s newest venture promises to wow the tech scene. Only, it’s not quite tech, at least in the traditional sense. The venture is called California Life Company, or Calico for short, and its goal is to extend human life by 20 to 100 years.

It sounds surreal, until consider that we already extended human life by 20 years over the past century. The average girl born today will live to be 100, a once outlying achievement.

Other research outlets have made relevant discoveries over the years, including worms thatdivide stem cells without aging and that resveratrol, found in red wine, seems to defend against diseases related to aging and could be manufactured as a more potent synthetic drug.

Meanwhile, companies such as Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Sirtris Pharma and Halcyon Molecular set out to extend human life, only to shut down (or be acquired, then shuttered by the buyer), many times running out of money before bringing a product to market.

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