Great news for ViaDerma Inc. with approval for VitaStem™

This week sees the first run of ViaDerma Inc.’s product VitaStem™, a topical ointment designed for use as an antibiotic. The product is currently available on for $79, but ViaDerma has just been granted approval to sell its FDA registered product on Amazon.

ViaDerma is a publicly traded pharma company, passionate about bringing brand new products into the market – which is just what they’re doing with the VitaStem™. As a specialty pharmaceutical company, ViaDerma Inc. use their versatile technology to create products which deliver the active ingredients through a transdermal method of application.

ViaDerma will now begin a second run of the product with a far more streamlined manufacturing process, including testing in major US hospital chains. With the ability to push their products on Amazon, there’s no doubt ViaDerma Inc. will now be concentrating a major drive for the domestic purchase of VitaStem™.

The President at ViaDerma Inc., Dr. Christopher Otiko, has been quoted as stating that ‘The quick response by customers in all our testing trials have shown positive results and this has led to an overwhelming interest in our products in several markets around the world. This has opened the door for future products in several key markets.’ []

This move forward for VitaStem™ has been much anticipated, as it means ViaDerma will now begin production on its line of cannabinoid or CBD products, the patent for which is still currently pending. For this line, ViaDerma will be combining two of its existing patents – MMJ Patent #62466209, regarding the use of medical marijuana/cannabis in a topical ointment that can be applied straight onto the skin, and Provisional patent # 62433964, which involves the ‘aqueous topical application’ of antibiotics and drugs for enhanced delivery.

The plan for ViaDerma Inc. is an expansion of its intellectual property portfolio in 2018, via the combination of its current proprietary solutions with the new CBD products, to create products which effectively treat painful conditions. As for VitaStem™, ViaDerma now expects a steadily increasing interest, that will require a month on month adjustment for the production of the ointment as demand ramps up.

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